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Joann Wester is the most “can-do” person I know in the ASD. We decided 3 years ago that my daughter needed to home school. As a single working parent, I was overwhelmed with what that might entail.  However, Joann was a consistent support and helped us make it all easily possible.  She is able to suggest multiple choices and possibilities tailored to the individual student’s passions and the family’s needs. It is remarkable how many connections and ideas she has and how much she knows about what is out there and available to students.  It is like she is pulling magically out of a hat.  My daughter is now a junior who will graduate at the end of this semester. She said that when she asks Joann a question, Joann is vastly resourceful; that she always digs in to find answers and comes back with more information, alternative ideas and solutions than you ever expected. My daughter said it is clear to her that Joann truly cares about her students. Joann makes things happen. What a gift! 

Thanks for loving your work!