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 Our program, which is part of the Anchorage School District, rents classroom and office space in the church building located on the Park Strip at 616 W. 10th Avenue.


Our name PAIDEIA is an acronym for Passionately Accommodating Individual Desires, Enhancing Independent Achievement. The word paideia comes from the Greek and means the whole training and education of children relating to the cultivation of mind and morals. It includes the training of the physical and mental faculties in such a way as to produce a broad, enlightened, and mature outlook harmoniously combined for the maximum cultural development of the student. 


Cheryl Huber

(907) 742-4164


My name is Cheryl Huber and I am beginning my second year as the principal at PAIDEIA. I have been an administrator at several different schools in the Anchorage School District and I spent four years as a principal in Puerto Rico. I truly enjoyed my first year at PAIDEIA and I am looking forward the upcoming school year.

I have a Bachelor's Degree from Winona State in K-8 Education and K-12 Special Learning Disabilities. I have a additional degree in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders from the University of Minnesota. I have a Master's in K-12 Administration and a Master's in K-12 Counseling from UAA. In 2012, I was honored to be selected as the Alaska State Principal of the Year.

I love Alaska and it's people and enjoy most outdoor activities including, biking, hiking and tennis. You will often find me on the river in the summer or trying to catch that big halibut. I also enjoy traveling, reading, and cooking.